Friday, March 19, 2010


i am back from texas and had so much fun.
we shopped. we ate. we relaxed. we ate.
i love spending time with those texas people. 

here are a few things i learned during my visit:

1. it is skunk mating season.
2. jack in the box tacos are still the best.
3. my family should have a reality show. or a cooking show. we have several ideas.
4. i really need a dog.
5. my grandmama blew up her kitchen pantry when she was 7.

and here a few pictures:

this is nana and her new shades.
this is my mom icing some of heather's amazing cupcakes.
this is a jack-a-lope on top of a car dealership. standard.
this is april cooking brie soup with a martini. standard.
these are my two cute cousins. or grand-cousins. or second cousins. i'm not sure what their title is. they are my cousin's sons....? anyways, they have cute bed head.
it was so fun.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

I will see your mom tonight and hear all about the fun you had! Glad you enjoyed your time together in TX!