Tuesday, September 28, 2010

busy bees.

(denver botanic gardens, 2008) 

here's a brief update on life:

we went to a beach in delaware with some great friends from church.
we watched a lot of great youtube videos.
ryan had his first ever cracker barrel experience.
we went to a baseball game and had our first ben's chili bowl experience.
i got a migraine and threw up in a ziplock bag in the car.
i saw some c-sections.
i spent a sunday afternoon with a very influential woman in my life.
we're holding our breath about the carmelo anthony situation.
we left ellie overnight for the first time with a good friend.
i'm in midterm-mode for school.

i'm feeling connected and busy and loved here in dc. it's amazing to see the difference between now and where i was one year ago when we had only been out here 3 months. we have met some amazing people and i'm so grateful for each of them. while i doubt we will be here forever, i am loving the time that we are.

i hope you all are happy and healthy and having the best tuesday.


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