Friday, October 15, 2010

fern friday.

happy friday friends!

we are excited because we finally bought our tickets to go home for christmas! we will be there for almost two weeks and feel so blessed that ryan's job allows for us to stay for a while. we will be taking ellie with us and are a bit nervous about it. she will be riding with us in the cabin and we have already started saying our prayers it works out ok.... any pet traveling tips you have would be greatly appreciated! 

ellie and i are still loving fall - the cooler weather, the colors and the falling leaves. i just can't get enough of it.

finally, i wanted to take a minute to praise God for the miners who were all healthfully rescued this week. that story is just so amazing and i was even more encouraged to read this story. we have a very strong connection with campus crusade for Christ and it has played a major role in both mine and ryan's life - so we are very proud of their involvement and encouragement of the chilean miners.

please, read the story here.

i hope you all have a beautiful, blessed weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Pretty cool about the miners. You will have to blog about your traveling with Ellie experiences. :)