Tuesday, November 2, 2010

please vote!

 (the women on our south africa trip where i got to know bekah)

i have been very blessed by my friend bekah. she has been such an encouragement in my life. her and her husband counseled ryan and i through our engagement and led our trip to south africa. she inspires me to experience God on a deeper level, to serve those who are around me, and to live a healthier life. and she has the cutest little boy i have ever seen. 

her and her friends have entered an awesome contest where, if they win, they are given money to give away however they choose. with the money, they would take their children and serve those in need in denver. allowing them a chance to give to others and to teach their children. 

they have made a great video. view it and vote for them here!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet words Kelsie! I feel loved. :)