Thursday, January 7, 2010

big blank wall

this is our big blank wall

it intimidates me and i have not found anything worthy of such a huge canvas. however, this post gave me some inspiration. maps! of dc! i'm still not sure i LOVE the city yet, but it's growing on me. it's pretty. it's patriotic. and i know it will forever hold a special place in our hearts as our first home. although we don't technically live in the district currently, we have plans to move as soon as our lease is up, and i mean, we live in the "dc metro area" so i think that gives us some freedom.

here are some neat ones we like:

(photo from here)

this one has all of the dc neighborhoods represented which is not only cool, but quite informative and helpful as we are deciding which neighborhoods might work for us.

(photo from here)

the metro map! another cool and informative decoration!

there are others we have found that would be nice additions, but i think some colorado maps might be necessary as well. i think we might start pursuing our map collection soon, however being in nursing school apparently doesn't pay very well.


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