Wednesday, January 6, 2010


ryan and i recently returned from a wonderful trip to colorado. we got to see a lot of people we really miss and spent a lot of time with our great families. it was cold and fun and we got to see our dogs.

we also got to see our NUGGETS! we are semi-obsessed with the denver nuggets and were so excited to find out both of our families would be going to the game against the dallas mavericks. we had so much fun even though clint cheered for the wrong team who ended up winning...

(clint - wrong jersey, nathan, and ryan)

what made up for the nuggets' loss was the most incredible thing which happened afterwards. ryan and i have been laughing over chris andersen's car for the few weeks before we were in colorado. it's ridiculous and crazy and DROVE RIGHT PAST US after the game!!! here is my picture:

(i was a little too excited)

here is a better picture:

(photo from here)

it made me very happy and i now know where to watch the parade of nuggets leaving the pepsi center after a game.

we're back in virginia now and back to missing colorado. we loved seeing the people we did and are sad we missed the ones we did. we'll be back soon!


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