Monday, January 11, 2010

cozy rest.

i have been so blessed to have a longggg winter break away from school. i still have 2 weeks before the first classes and i'm trying to enjoy every last moment. one way i have been enjoying my time is i have been sleeping... a lot. i've kind of been feeling weird and blah and tired. i feel like the Lord is perhaps trying to slow down my soul. church this weekend seemed to reinforce my thoughts.

enter the rest of the Lord.

that was a phrase our pastor used. i think it encouraged me and challenged me at the same time. He wants us to rest, i think He is happy i've had this time to be still. but i think i resist rest so much. i think rest stresses me out. i feel like i should be going, doing. yet, as i was reminded this weekend, God values rest and finds importance in it. i should too. rest is not lazy.

i think i rest most when i'm cozy. cozy is one of my favorite words. who wouldn't love the word cozy?! anyways, i think these are ultra-cozy places perfect for rest.

(from here via apartment therapy)


(from here via apartment therapy)


(from here via apartment therapy)

i hope you have a cozy, restful day! 


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Anonymous said...

You are so wise and beautiful! Thanks for your witness! Love, Mom