Friday, January 8, 2010

fern friday.

welcome to our first installment of fern friday. fern fridays allow us to track the growth of our fern : )

my dad mentioned my need for a ruler to track its growth. i don't own a ruler so i thought my giraffe would serve as a nice reference point. 

ryan and i are still trying to determine our plans for the weekend. i think we might try to visit some areas of the district we haven't yet been to. we're grateful for this time to have to figure out exactly which neighborhoods would be best for us. one of the blogs i read, we love dc, has a great series called where we live that gives all sorts of great information on the different areas.

besides that, we'll be at church and trying our hand at teaching kids church again. wish us luck.

have the best weekend!


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Lisa said...

You know, they always say you should get a plant first, then if you don't kill it, you can move onto pets, then children!