Friday, January 22, 2010

fern friday.

i'm worried about the fern. i read something the other day saying you shouldn't water your house plants too much during the winter because their roots might rot... before we left for colorado in december i think i poured a liter of water in it... this is why i'm not yet ready for children. i imagine you can't feed them a week's worth of food at one time and then leave them for 10 days either...

in other news... this is my last weekend before school starts!!! part of me is so ready to get back into my routine and to start learning again, and another part of me enjoys sleeping, reading non-nursing books and not having to drive on the beltway. so, most of my weekend will be filled with sleeping, reading non-nursing books and no beltway driving.

i hope you have a fabulous, warm, happy weekend.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry Kelsie, I'm not good with plants, I only have the kinds that are really hard to kill! But look, so far my kids have made it to 20 and 18! You'll be fine. Oh and enjoy your last weekend of freedom!

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh gosh, I'm terrible with plants. But I have 3 pets and they're all alive and kicking! So that HAS to be a good sign!