Tuesday, January 26, 2010

guess what.

school started.

the beginning of the semester makes me insane stresses me out. ryan can testify to this. i love nursing school, but geez, it's intense sometimes. i mean tomorrow we have to go to boot camp. seriously. that's what they call it. to make sure we won't kill someone. this is good i guess, but i hate that they call it boot camp. couldn't it just be called "let's just make sure you didn't forget everything over winter break camp"? that sounds much less stressful.

here's what i'm taking this semester:

gerontology - studying people over 65... it seems like it will be more interesting than i thought
adult health - this class by itself would make for a stressful semester. i can't think about it without breaking a sweat
context of nursing - this class is about......????????? i was in this class for 2 hours today and i'm still not 100% sure
research - this class is about research (!) we get to pick our groups so that makes this class bearable
clinicals - these will be long days but i am with some great friends who will make it fun

i'm already dreaming about summer.


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Lisa said...

Just reading about your classes makes my head spin! Good luck to you! At least your brain is young!