Friday, February 26, 2010

fern friday.

 (the fern via camera phone doesn't look very green)

woohoo. friday is here. i think i got a few gray hairs this week. i spent all day yesterday at clinicals in the emergency room. it was intense. as ryan's brother said, it was like "tv show intense"

here are a few things from the world wide web i liked this week. i thought you might like them as well:
  • my friend jayson sent me this link the other day. let me just tell you - mr. giraffe is breathing very well next to the fern. 
  • i saw this house tour on apartment therapy. it made me so happy. it was so bright and creative. look at how cute:
i am obsessed with that gray wall in the dining room. it is such a neat idea!
  • also, i thought you should know we were about .25 seconds away from getting a dog today. i received an e-mail in my inbox today that said this: "11 FREE Golden Retriever/Lab puppies - FOUND ON SIDE OF THE ROAD" and these pictures were attached:
then i received an email saying they were all adopted. someone made a decision in .24 seconds. we were too late.
hope you have a great weekend. if someone offers you the cutest dog in the world for free i suggest you take it. 



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