Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i'm going to trapeze school!
(just for two hours - nursing school is driving me crazy but i'm not to the point of joining the circus... yet)

i'm going with some great friends from nursing school... and trying to convince my friends who are afraid of heights to come master their fears.
(that sentence is meant for you kerry and katie)

we're not going until the end of march but i just can't wait! 

the circus has been on my mind. which is strange because i hate clowns. but the latest anthropologie catalog has me even more excited about trapeze school. just look at these great pictures!

(that's me!)

anyways, ryan's mom got me a gift certificate there for christmas which i still haven't used (!). i want to find the perfect thing to spend the money on. it just might have to be circus-themed to celebrate my trapeze school endeavors.


all images via here.

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