Monday, February 22, 2010


oh how we love the nuggets.

even if they lose to the wizards. 

i could defend them and tell you about the amazing game they had before. or the amazing game they had yesterday. but i will not bore you too much. just know - they are great. 

ryan has a standing bet with someone that if the nuggets win the nba championship and carmelo leads the league in scoring, he will get some sort of nuggets-themed tattoo on his body. i feel like this could be the year.

here are some pictures and nuggets knowledge:

this was the verizon center 5 minutes before the game started... 

this is nene. he is from brazil. his name means little baby. he is a christian. he just got married. he had testicular cancer.

this is george karl. he's the coach. he had prostate cancer and now has throat cancer. 

this is the man. carmelo. he is engaged to lala. he has a cute son named kiyan. he has a great website.

this is ty. he's new and i like him a lot. 

this is the nuggets strength and conditioning coach. he gets very excited about the game.

this is chauncy. he's a true coloradoan. he has teenage daughters. he mentors ty. 

even though we lost, it was too fun. ryan yelled loudly and i got nachos. 
thank you soo soo much to my parents for the fun gift!

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