Friday, February 19, 2010

fern friday.

 (mr. giraffe was hungry this week)

friday. ahhh. i appreciate fridays so much. i don't have school. i don't have clinicals. i can be home. catch my breath. catch up on homework. catch up on grocery shopping.

we've reallyyyyy been looking forward to this friday. we are going to the nuggets/wizards game tonight!! wooo!! we can't wait to see them and cheer for them especially after the sad news this week and an amazing win last night. 
[and i may or may not be reallyyy excited to get some nachos] 

 hope you have a fun, sunny weekend! 
go nuggets!



Lisa said...

The fern is definitely growing! Have fun at the game tonight! Don't get too wild! LOL

Lynn said...

MMMMMM would I want Nachos more or to see Melo in action...tough one Hope you both had a blast and that the weekend is full of restful cozy yummy moments for you

Fern looks good! A good omen for the future pupppy?? :)

Love you Kelsie

Ma Lynn