Thursday, February 18, 2010


i've been quite the busy bee this week. i cannot believe thursday is almost over. here is some of my week:

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on tuesday night we had an all church celebration. the church we go to has several different locations so it was really neat to have this whole community together for one night. i am so beyond grateful for our church and its heart for missions and for this city. ryan and i are really excited about their vision.

church met at the lincoln theater which is in an area of dc we have really grown to like. it was the first neighborhood we have been in that excited both of us. we're hoping to find an apartment there and i just can't wait.

wednesday i had clinicals. things were going great until i got a migraine. i get a migraine like once a year. i threw up in a church parking lot. it was really frustrating. 

today i had clinicals again. they were going great and i did not get a migraine. my patient was alert and able to have a conversation with me (which was a first!). i liked her and i think she liked me. she got to go home today so i think she liked everyone.

one other exciting thing about today - it's above freezing, the sun is shining and the snow is melting! i think spring might actually come. 


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