Wednesday, February 3, 2010

whoa nelly.

it is cold cold here. mr. punxsutawney was quite right about the weather. 

it's awfully pretty though. and apparently there's more on the way. i like the snow but i've never been able to put a finger on exactly how it makes me feel. i like it when i can sit in my warm house and watch it, but i do not care for it when i have to be outside longer than 3 minutes. this was my revelation: snow makes me feel cozy when i can be inside. otherwise, it tends to frustrate me.

i'm off to my first clinical of the semester! i'm excited to get started! my goal is to make one patient feel loved and cozy.


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Lynn said...

I so agree on the snow thing! I think thats why I like the ski lodge better than skiing. The pic is beautiful.

Can't wait to hear how the clinical went. If I was a patient in a cold hospital I would so want to feel loved and cozy. You are going to be such an amazing nurse!