Friday, February 5, 2010

fern friday.


friday! yay! 

this weekend is supposed to be a doozy. dc is expected to get 16-24 inches of snow.  last night the mayor said it will be the biggest storm in dc's history. yikes. people here are stressed. it hasn't started snowing yet, but schools were canceled today. the news told us to fill our bathtubs up with fresh water, just in case. we're supposed to stock up on groceries. should be interesting. ryan and i were remembering the 2006 winter storm in colorado where this amount of snow fell every weekend. we're trying not to be smug coloradoans 
: )

so, clinicals started and they went ok. sometimes it's hard to feel like you're helping a patient when they feel terrible and are confused. apparently people don't like being stuck in hospitals. but, i have many more weeks ahead of me. many more patients to help and, hopefully, make their hospital stay a little more bearable.

in other random news, dc's national zoo had to say goodbye to a cutie pie yesterday. people were heartbroken. 

(image via here)

tai shan the panda had to go to china. he was born in dc, but was apparently on loan from a china panda commune. there was an article in the newspaper about tai shan's trainer. she has been with him since his birth. she's taking him to china. she is very sad and i cried reading about it. i've never even seen this panda. i'm obviously very emotionally stable. anyways, there was a big going away party for the little guy. 

well, i'm off to the grocery store to stock up. if i don't blog for a while, there's a possibility we ran out of bathtub water.


Anonymous said...

Mom says - I would have cried as well - what a cutey pie!! But you know how emotionally stable i am right now!! ha ha - Stay warm this weekedn!!

Lisa said...

LOL...running out of bathtub water. Hope you have a nice, snowed in weekend! Take pictures!
And :( about the panda...he's adorable.