Monday, March 29, 2010

earth hour.

so saturday was earth hour 2010. at 8:30 local time people were supposed to turn out their lights in order to decrease power use. 

i forgot. 

but our power was out for three hours on thursday so i just think we did three times the requirement. and we weren't home on saturday at 8:30. so our lights were off.

look at these really cool before and after pictures:

(all images via here)



capesmama said...

I like the new layout/design. Looks cool! Are you guys going to be around denver during the summer at all?

kelsie said...

hey bekah! thanks for the comment!

My little brother is graduating in May so I will be out for the weekend and would LOVE to see you!

Matt Lucas is getting married in May so Ryan will be going out there for sure... I'm not sure we could make it work for me to go out as well.

But I would love to catch up sometime! Are there days or times that are better to call?