Thursday, April 22, 2010

dear mom,

i remember when i told you i didn't want to sleep in my room because i was afraid. you told me to sing a song from church and i would fall asleep. you were right.

i remember when i told you i wanted to shave my legs. you told me i would get sick of it. you were right.

i remember when i told you that i wanted a cat. you said i wouldn't like it. you were SO right.

i remember when i would call you crying because i was homesick. you told me to go for a run and things would be ok. you were right.

i remember when i told you ryan proposed. you told me you were so happy and that i was blessed to have him. you were right.

i remember when i told you i was nervous on our wedding day. you helped me into my dress and told me it would be a great, fun party. you were right.

i remember so many things you were right about and i cannot begin to say thank you enough. 

i love you so much.
have the best happy birthday!!!



Mom said...

And I remember on June 17, 1988 having a daughter who would be a tremendous blessing to me every day since then...I love you and thank you for all you do to make my birthday and every day a happy one!

Alisha Ethridge said...

Kelsie... Your are the best daughter any mom could want and a pretty amazing niece to top it off. I love you!

Aunt Alisha

Anna said...

you & your mom are absolutely beautiful!!! happy birthday to her-- april is a good month for awesome moms' birthdays! : )

p.s. this post made me tear up, so sweet!

Nana Campbell said...

Kelsie, you have always been a joy to your mother and she is blessed as you are to have each other. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom, my sweet daughter in law.

Lynn said...

So sorry I missed your moms birthday but what beautiful words to her and what a joy to see that 'mom and daughter' thing done well! I have prayed for years that our son would marry a woman who has been loved well by both her mom and dad and AGAIN He answered our prayers in you Kelsie. And thank you Carrie for being that answer all these years!