Monday, April 19, 2010


school has been pushing me to the edge these past few weeks. it's making me tired and grumpy and generally blah. i'm hoping once this week is done i might be able to catch my breath. but i feel like there is a greater chance of that happening once i take that last final exam in may. 

it's not too far away.

but in the meantime, i'm grateful for my nursing school friends. 
today was a test day. that means at lunch we all spout out whatever we know and hope that we will remember something. our test was on the gastrointestinal system. we were discussing things that an average group of twenty-something year old girls would generally not discuss. ever. much less at lunch. but we laughed and cringed and we're going through it all together. and that makes it better.


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Anna said...

oh ladybug, i feel ya. school is sucking the life right out of me!! here's to a month from now & freedom! : )
hang in there missy!