Friday, April 2, 2010

(good) fern friday

{because it's good friday, of course}

happy almost easter! 

the easter bunny and i go way back. at some point in my childhood i imagine i was scarred by a large bunny at a mall. i think there is a picture somewhere of me with the most terrified look on my face on a bunny's lap.
(by the way, i never made the connection between bunnies and easter? and who decided that sending an adult in a bunny costume into a mall to take pictures with kids wasn't creepy? just my thoughts.)

so from that point forward, i required that the easter bunny not enter our house. however, i am a girl who enjoys her candy and i realized the easter bunny often brought candy - so i had to come up with a new idea.

the porch. 

i'm not sure how many easter mornings the pendley's spent on the porch, but i figured we better be safe than sorry by letting a big, creepy bunny into our home.

i was a very normal child.

so today it was quite appropriate when there was a package from the easter bunny (aka the pendley's) sitting on my welcome mat - not in my living room.

thank you pendley easter bunnies for easters on the porch, believing me when i told you i saw huge bunny foot prints in our backyard, and for all the easter goodies!!


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