Wednesday, May 19, 2010


(brother and dad)

my little brother is awesome. he graduated high school, is going to colorado state, is going to study horticulture (so he can work in a vineyard and hook his sister up), he loves star wars and he runs all the time. like, he runs so much he's lost 70 pounds since last fall. he's great.

hooray for graduation!

clint's coolest gift - a 10 year old bonsai tree!
(get it - he's going to be a horticulture major...)

the outdoor party that wasn't. hail loves colorado.

i'm so proud of you clinty! csu will be the BEST! we love you!



Brittani said...

Wowza Kels. Your brother should still be shorter than you...

awesome about the running!

Kinda cool about college and stuff too ;) Congratulations!

kelsie said...

Brit! You're so close to having that little baby! Woo!

When I was home, my mom showed me your graduation announcement! It was sooo cool! Did you make it yourself??