Friday, May 21, 2010

fern friday.

due to the busyness of nursing school, i did not do a great job of preparing healthy, delicious homemade meals for ryan and i. SO, this summer i am hoping to change that. however, i think i need some accountability. therefore...

i am going to post one meal a week that i made - something i've never made before.

finding recipes is the hardest part for me... apparently ryan and i are fairly picky and in opposite ways. what i don't care for, he loves, and what i love, he doesn't care for. thus, finding something we both enjoy is a bit tough.

where do you find your recipes???
have a good weekend my friends. it's beautiful here in dc. i hope it's beautiful where you are!



Mom said...

Heather sent me this website a while back - it has some great recipes...

Heather said...

Also, get a subscription to Food Network Magazine. I got that last year and my goal this summer is to make one thing from it we have never had each week this summer, they have tons of healthy things!