Monday, July 19, 2010


ellie brandt.
 our newest addition and obsession. 

ryan and i have wanted a dog since we got married and we are now living in an apartment that allows them. we searched and searched for a while and finally found our ellie.

ellie is a rescue dog so we don't know a ton about her. they think she's about two years old. she has been living in a foster home for the past few weeks but she is home with us now! she is unbelievably cute and, surprisingly, SO well behaved!

she knows how to sit, lay down, and high five. she is potty trained and does great in the car. she has slept through the night every night we've had her and she loves her toys.

since she's been with us, she's had quite the makeover. ellie's hair was a cute mess but was extremely matted and wayyy too long. we took her to the groomer and she was a new woman! i think she was amazed how well she could see! here's her before and after:


we're just crazy about her and i think she's already sick of us taking pictures of her. but here's our photo shoot from today:

i'm sure you'll be seeing lots more of our little ellie.
hope your monday is beautiful!


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Lisa said...

Ohmygoodness! What a cutie! Her makeover was amazing too! You guys will have so much fun with her and she will be so happy to have a forever home!