Wednesday, July 14, 2010


i've been so blessed this summer to have an amazing internship at georgetown hospital. i'm working on an adult oncology floor. i've struggled with the sadness and pain the patients are experiencing and am having to make a concerted effort to not bring that sadness home. i have a tendency to imagine the patient is me or ryan or my mom or someone close to me. i'm trying to learn the healthy way to be empathetic. it has been good for me to recognize how much this is part of nursing.

but some days are so good. some days i am so affirmed in being there. some days the patients are responsive to the little things i can do for them. some days they tell me amazing stories and some days they tell me they like my hair. some days i think that maybe they forgot about the pain and sadness in their lives for just those few moments we were talking. those days are so encouraging. they make the hard days worth it. 



Mom said...

You are an amazing person and nurse! God will help you through, He needs you there to let His Love Shine Through! I love you!

Nana Campbell said...

How blessed are those whose lives you come in contact with at a time when they are in need of a caring touch or a tender word. You are a warm and compassionate young lady and soon will be a wonderful nurse..How blessed all you care for will be.
Nana loves you, my sunshine.