Thursday, August 26, 2010

brandts and maps.

(ryan and lynn at the jefferson memorial)

 ryan's parents got a chance to come visit with us for a few days recently. it was SO much fun for us to show them around this little town we've been living in and to just have some much needed family time. they are such good people and i always leave them feeling refreshed and encouraged. 

we spent some time at our favorite memorial and then walked to our favorite burger place where ryan's dad, hugh, had what he describes as, "the possibly best milkshake he has ever had". which apparently means a lot coming from hugh. i'm so sad we didn't get a picture of him enjoying that milkshake. 

one thing i've learned since becoming a brandt is that brandts LOVE maps. it's always important that they understand where they are and their surroundings, etc. so, i loved when we had to stop on our walk to evaluate our location. here they are:

haha! it was so great! they are so wonderful and we are so grateful for their visit! 

 ps - i must be a brandt because i'm loving this map right now:
(found via here)

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