Wednesday, August 25, 2010

268 days...

until i graduate nursing school. in some ways i CANNOT wait and in others i want to delay it as long as possible. i LOVE school. i mostly always have. and i REALLY love my nursing school girls. they bring me donuts, we go trapeze-ing, and this weekend we're going to an amusement park. 

this semester i'm taking an obstetrics (ob) course, pediatrics and psych. i'm so excited for my ob course i could burst. i looked at the syllabus and was so excited about every topic. i skim through my book all the time and constantly have to warn ryan not to look or else he might see a picture of something that would scar him eternally. we're about as opposite as we could be sometimes. 

so anyways, i'm certain there will be a lot of nursing related blog posts this semester. and, i hope to be better about posting in general. thanks for reading this little blog and for being a part of our life.


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