Friday, August 13, 2010

fern friday.

happy friday!
ryan's parents have been in town for work and were able to spend last night and today! it has been so fun to show them our home and the places we've been hanging out this past year.  i'll post some pictures of our time with them soon!

hugh, ryan's dad, knows a lot about trees and plants and things so i asked him how he thought my fern was doing. to say he was concerned would be an understatement. the soil was completely dry. there is one side that is looking quite dead. he said i could possibly bring it back to life with lots of watering. apparently ferns need moisture. so, i'm going to work on that.

also, we had our first family photo taken today! ellie looks so mad! she's really a happy, smiling dog!

we're going hiking tomorrow and we'll be trying to soak up every ounce of summer. hope you have the greatest weekend!


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