Tuesday, August 10, 2010

thinking and talking.

i've been thinking a lot lately and the thoughts are hard to put into words. i feel like ryan and i are at the very beginning of making some big decisions. it's exciting and scary and stressful and fun and makes my stomach tie itself in knots. i so desire for ryan and i to live out our passions and abilities God has granted us. but what does that look like? we're not sure. that stresses me out. but i think getting to that point is a journey. we're still defining what our passions and abilities really are.  after may 2011, we will have nothing holding us down. we're working on figuring out what our life will look like in a year. we have about a billion ideas and i am working on being open to them all. i'm excited to see what will happen and grateful for a God who has it all figured out and a husband to explore with.


Anna said...

so exciting!! : ) i always try to remind myself of this brilliant quote i once read "replace your fear with curiousity." because honestly, i am usually a ball of anxiety about things.

or as my grandma always says : let go & let God.
: )

hugs & cheers to the adventures ahead!

capesmama said...

I just responded to your comment on my post. I'm so curious about your future thoughts..... :)