Monday, February 1, 2010

donut love.

(honestly i'm amazed i could keep these around long enough to take a picture)

the best thing happened today. i woke up with a case of the mondays. that was not the best thing. but then, i got to class and my friend, kerry, walked in with a box of goodness and she was headed for me. that was the best thing. 

she brought me donuts to school! fresh, warm, amazing, delicious donuts. 

my case of the mondays was no more. 

last week i confessed my obsession of donuts to kerry, and how i saw these donuts on food network. i was excited to discover they are around here! kerry said i since i haven't had any yet, i was really missing out, and that she even has a t-shirt from there. 

she woke up early and drove out of her way to bring me some decadent donuts. she's the best. 

thank you kerry!!!!!!!!!!!


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