Friday, January 29, 2010

fern friday.


 friday came fast. that's always good.

i just spent the past two hours at the virginia dmv. we now have virginia license plates and i have a virginia driver's license. i feel like all things colorado were just ripped from me. yuck. people now will expect me to know where i am going and can't just look at my car and sigh, "she's just from colorado".

ryan's refusing to let go. he still has his colorado driver's license... we also have this above our washer and dryer:


don't judge too much... it can be hidden behind these doors:

so i'd say we're still connected to our colorado roots.

i hope you have a fun, warm, happy weekend!


1 comment:

Lynn said...

A Virginia drivers license??!! Does it come with a Virginia accent??!!

There is still a big Ryan and Kelsie shaped hole here in Colorado whatever your drivers license says! :)

Happy apt hunting this weekend??!

Ma Lynn