Tuesday, September 21, 2010

extreme bookshelf makeover.

when we moved into this apartment, ryan and i made the required trip to ikea. we got some great bookshelves. we (meaning ryan) put them together, and put them in place. as soon as they were up and secured, i realized i should have painted the cardboard backing to give them a little pizazz. well we weren't about to try to take everything apart again, so i started thinking about some other options. i considered wrapping paper, wall paper, contact paper and paint. 

i found some scrapbook paper that i fell in love with, but it would of cost too much to try to cover all of the space with the little 12x12 papers. so when my friend grace was here, she helped me come up with some alternatives. we ended up getting the scrapbook paper and decided we would cover the small, middle shelf with that. with the larger sections we found some wrapping paper that had the perfect dimensions so we used that. 

here are the before and after pictures:

so i absolutely love the middle shelf, however i'm not sure about the larger ones, so i'm on the lookout for some great wrapping paper since that seems to be the easiest. we're also hoping to eventually get the glass doors that fit these shelves, but it would probably be most responsible to pay for things like food and rent before ikea glass doors. 

anyways, that's just a fun, little brandt project i thought you might like to see.... let me know what you think!



Grimes Life said...

great idea kelsie! i love the wrapping paper idea!! super cute girl!!

Mom said...

I love it! You did a great job! What a difference!!

Anonymous said...

fun! I can't wait for Ikea to get to denver!!!


Ape said...

Way to go! Man I need to do something like that! Very cute!