Saturday, September 18, 2010

fridays and babies.

(this picture is probably going to surprise you. most people who see the fern in real life are shocked by how small it is which is so funny to us. it's maybe 10" tall. i hope this doesn't disappoint you or make you think less of my green thumb)

i've been doing terribly with fern friday lately. this is mostly because i am at the hospital alllllll day on fridays this semester. however, i am not complaining because of these reasons:

two fridays ago i watched a couple of babies come into the world. it was incredible and made me remember why i'm in nursing school.

this friday i sat in the nicu and fed cute, sick, tiny babies all day long. 

next friday i'll watch some c-sections.

i love nursing for a lot of reasons. one major one being all of the different things you can do as a nurse. for example, this week i spent one day feeding a baby that was holding onto its life by a thread, and another day was spent on a psych ward speaking to suicidal and homicidal patients. i'm so grateful school makes us experience all types of nursing. it makes me respect and appreciate nurses even more. 

although this semester has been crazy busy, it has been so validating to me. i have been loving my time with obstetric patients even more than i thought i would. it's the happiest place in the hospital... and i love that.


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