Wednesday, September 8, 2010


we had the best time while my parents were visiting. we are so incredibly blessed to have two sets of parents who love us well.

we spent friday night hanging out in georgetown and my mom had to get some dc cupcakes. i was skeptical. i mean, i love a cupcake from safeway about as much as any other. but the cupcake i had was incredible. the frosting was just buttery goodness. 

saturday we headed to pennsylvania to see the gettysburg battlefields. it was fun to drive around and it was quite educational for me. i don't think i ever learned american history... or if i did, i clearly replaced that part of my brain with something else...

 (my dad and honest abe just hanging out. probably discussing some war strategies...)

ellie got to come which made her oh so happy. can you tell??

sunday we went to church and then headed to the newseum to see the Elvis! exhibit. my mom looooves her some elvis so she was super excited.

we then went and did a quick browse through the american history museum. we visited the national cathedral monday, and managed to fit some shopping in before they left.

we had a wonderful weekend and we're so grateful for them! thanks for everything!!!!

ps- the top photo is an iphone picture, but i edited some of the others with a trial of photoshop elements. have you ever used it??? it seems fairly user-friendly as i have very little experience with editing software, but i would love some input from someone who has used it! any advice??


Lisa said...

I know your parents had a great time, we got to hear a lot about it last night! I am disappointed your mom did not bring Dannette and I a cupcake! lol

JMay said...

This looks like a blast & those cupcakes, yummm!

P.S. Your dog is so cute & I want him ;-)