Thursday, September 9, 2010


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wednesday morning offered me some much needed reading and quiet time. it was refreshing and encouraging. throughout the morning, one word seemed to be on repeat - 


this september i am focusing on trust. trusting in lots of serious things:
trusting that God really loves me more than i know.
trusting that ryan and i will keep loving each other well.
trusting that we will be ok financially.
trusting that dc is where we should be right now.
trusting that we will gain insight into what's next for us.

and i am trusting in some not-so-serious things:
trusting that the humidity will eventually go away.
trusting that i will not kill the fern. (because changing the name of this blog would be stressful)
trusting that a lot of pregnant women deliver babies tomorrow. (because i will be spending the day in labor and delivery... i want to see as many as possible! i can't wait!! and i don't care if you - or my husband - think that's strange!)

i'm also hoping you all are happy and healthy and trusting.


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