Wednesday, September 1, 2010

happy fall.

(image via here)

september is here which means fall is racing towards us. i cannot wait for:

green grass and orange leaves
windows open
apple picking with friends
boots and leggings
sweaters and scarves
warm coffee on chilly mornings
grilled cheese and tomato soup
broncos games every sunday
reading while wrapped up in a cozy blanket
watching ellie play in the leaves

i hope you all have the best first day of sepetember and the very best fall.



capesmama said...

It is fun to hear from you more often on your blog. This morning Cape & I went on a run and it was a little chilly. We have begun the transition to cold mornings and nights in CO....which makes me think of fall.
Here's to hoping we will be able to spend some fall days in a new house....
Hope all is well in your decision-making process! Praying for you.


kelsie said...

thanks bekah! we finally had a few cool days this weekend, a nice break from the humidity!

thanks for your prayers, they are SO appreciated! praying for you guys and the condo often!