Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fall feelings.

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at some point last week fall came. we had to go to our storage unit to get our warmer clothes. i have joyfully been wearing my boots and scarves and jackets. the leaves are just starting to change and all i want to eat is pumpkin flavored things. 

i love when weather reminds you of something, and lately that has been happening to me so often. this morning the weather felt like it did when i would go watch my brother's football games on friday nights, sitting with my mom and aunt and drinking bad hot chocolate from the concession stand. having the windows open in the apartment reminds me of when ryan was traveling so much last fall and how i would sleep with a frying pan under my bed, just in case. saturday morning felt like what the weather will feel like someday when ryan and i are at our children's soccer games on cool, crisp saturday mornings. and all of my scarves and jackets seem to remind me of something significant that happened while i was wearing them. mainly, they all have to do with ryan. like the sweater i was wearing when i met him. or the jacket i was wearing when he asked for my phone number. or the scarf i was wearing when he proposed.

i love fall. i love the change, the cooler weather. the colors and the flavors. and that it means we're closer to christmas. which means we're closer to dinners with family, board games, friends and colorado.

i hope you are loving your fall. 


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