Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lazy wednesday.

it's a rainy, gloomy, perfect fall day here. it's perfect for warm coffee and paper writing. it's also perfect for cupcake surprises! somebody in my family loves georgetown cupcakes and decided ryan and i needed some halloween treats. they were delivered this morning and were the perfect little surprise for such a gloomy day. i'm trying to save some for when ryan gets home... but we'll see. 

i'm headed to a charity auction for nursing school tonight. we're supposed to dress up. i think the weather has inspired me to be a meteorologist. i'm going to wear my rainboots and rainjacket and carry an umbrella and microphone. i'm thinking it's going to be pretty good. 

someone else in my family has been trying out some costume ideas...
(the unicorn is obviously the best but i love how the owl looks so chubby.)
are you dressing up for halloween?! have a great wednesday!

ps- i can't stop thinking about how great of a job being a cupcake delivery person must be...

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