Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i am loved.

last week was pretty rough. i had a few tests to get through and a fairly full schedule. however, on wednesday i got hit with a migraine. then the car battery died. both of those things happened 30 minutes before i had a meeting to be at. i think i called ryan 28 times while he was at work. he helped me relax and told me everything was going to be ok. a man in a parking lot helped me restart the battery. he pretty much told me the only reason he was doing it was because he felt bad for me. and he probably thought i was crazy. i was crying, holding my head and walking aimlessly around a parking lot. i went to the meeting but the migraine did not go away. i left the meeting early, went home, and mostly slept until saturday. maybe i had some sort of bug or maybe i was just really tired. 

either way, i am so grateful for ryan. he answered my calls. he was worried about me. he took care of everything. he made me grilled cheese and tomato soup when i finally felt like eating. he took care of ellie. he did the dishes. he let me rest. he loved me. and for that i am so grateful. he is a good man.


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Kent said...

Thank you Ryan. We love you and are very grateful, thankful and blessed as well. Thank you Hugh and Lynn for raising such a man.