Tuesday, December 21, 2010

well, hello!

life has been so good lately. last monday i took my last final. this crazy, busy, somewhat annoying semester has finally come to an end! ryan, ellie, and i are still rejoicing that it is over. yesterday i got my bill for next semester. usually that is fairly upsetting, but look at what the first charge was...

that's right, a graduation fee!!! because i only have one more semester left! hallelujah. 

other than wrapping up the semester, we have been busy with holiday fun. we got to go to the white house christmas tree lighting with friends a few weeks ago. it was a lot of fun and a very "washington, dc" experience, but it was FREEZING. like really, really, bone chilling cold. here's a video of the exciting moment:

i like to call this video "let's go christmas!"
white house christmas tree from Kelsie Brandt on Vimeo.

and, of course, some pictures. which by the way, i was so prepared with my camera and extra batteries, but when i went to take my first picture i realized my memory card was sitting on my desk at home. nice. so, these are all very high-quality iphone pictures.

that's common, the host. 
that could be the president... not sure.

it was a very fun, festive night with some great friends. i'll post more christmas fun soon! hope you're loving this season!


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