Wednesday, December 8, 2010

jill's house.

whlie browsing random jobs on craigslist one day, i came across a post looking for certified nursing assistants (you can work as a cna after one semester of nursing school). i started reading about this position where you work with children, it's on the weekends, and it is run by Christians. the sunday before i found this, i was telling my friends about my desire to see Christians more involved in those whose health is not intact.

i proceeded to apply and interview. with every step of the process, i was more and more encouraged by this incredible facility. i got the job and have been working there for about a month. it is a lot of work, but i leave feeling so encouraged that the church is loving on kids and families who are so in need.

yesterday, the washington post had a great article describing what is happening at jill's house. we serve children with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities to allow their family rest. when these families can rest, they are better enabled to care fully for their children. 

i have been so blessed by this job. it is so incredible to hear the stories of parents who, probably for the first time since their child was born, had the chance to rest, or go to dinner or a movie. the kids are so fun and cute and love swimming in the pool, playing in the awesome sensory room, or jumping in the moon bounce.

i am so encouraged that the church is serving a real community need through jill's house. all children, no matter their belief system, are welcome and are simply loved and cared for by the staff. it's an awesome place that has revealed to me another piece God's love.

read the washington post article here or visit jill's house website here.



Mom said...

What an incredible place and how blessed are you to get to be part of it. You are such an amazing daughter and God is going to do amazing things through you! I love you!

Lisa said...

Wow, that is so awesome Kelsie! I'm glad that you found such a great place to be a part of! And can't believe your mom didn't tell me about this! ;)

Anonymous said...

so cool Kelsie!! Love it.