Wednesday, December 1, 2010


our little family had a great thanksgiving. being away from home on holidays is hard, but we're enjoying this unique time in our lives where it's just the two of us (plus ellie, of course). having a few days off of work and school were so good for my soul and allowed us a chance to refresh after a few crazy weeks.

on thanksgiving eve, we took ellie to see the monuments at night. i think the world war two memorial is best at night with its lit up fountain.

on thanksgiving morning, we watched the macy's day parade and made homemade donuts.

then, we spent the rest of the day making our own little "deconstructed" thanksgiving. we bought some different parts of turkey and made them with all of the traditional sides in our tiny, little kitchen. it was a really fun and special day that was filled with good conversations.

(see our christmas tree?! ha!)

we had a great time, but we are so excited to be with all the people we love most for christmas. only a few more weeks!


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Anonymous said...

Looks fun! Love the homemade donuts.