Thursday, March 17, 2011


the fern died. you probably could have guessed this since it hasn't made an appearance on the blog since october. 

i thought that since the fern died, maybe it was a sign the blog should go too. hence the nearly two month break. but since all of my devoted followers (read: mom and mother-in-law) missed the blog SO much, i decided i should begin again.

i sometimes don't know the purpose of this blog. i don't feel that the world wide web is all that interested in our lives, but it has been a great way for me to remember some fun, random times in our life. it also has been a great place for things i like. 

so, even though i have not been blogging, a lot has been happening. 
  • i'm wrapping up my last semester of school. i'm spending a lot of time helping to deliver babies. i love it.
  • ryan and i are still happy and still married. just trying to figure out what we're going to do for the rest of our lives.
  • i'm applying for jobs like it's my job. 
  • i'm working on a diy project that i am very excited about. more on that later.
  • unlike the fern, ellie is alive and well. we think she's the best.
  • i've been finding some amazing blogs and spaces online that i LOVE. more on that later too.
i really am hoping to get back into regular posting. no more two month breaks! i'll be back SOON!!!



Silly Sigle's said...

soooooooo glad your back! I was worried about your fern (with reason, I suppose) and wondering what was going on with your life! (i am still interested.)

Every time I watch One born every minute (Have you seen it?!) I think of you...and I think, geesh, Kels would rock at this! as I am sure you do.

Happy last semester lady :) Keep posting!


ps - there are a lot of nursing opportunities in the great state of TX...just sayin'

Anonymous said...

"devoted followers (read mom, mother-in-law & Bekah!)"

Glad your back. Excited about your DIY project....I'm curious what it is. My life is one big DIY project right now. :)


Jayson said...

I missed the blog and we both miss you both.


kelsie said...

brittani!! i had been meaning to watch an episode because every patient i've had has asked if i've watched it, so i watched a couple episodes on hulu. it's good! it's really funny.

jayson - we miss you guys. any trips this way anytime soon??? i need to see your wife's cute little belly! hope you guys are great!!!