Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a few thoughts.

1. it's now blizzard-ing here. 
2. i can hear snow moving on the roof.... getting nervous about it collapsing.
3. i've been thinking about what i would do if the roof collapsed.
4. i put on socks.
5. i can't focus for more than three minutes at a time.
6. we're almost out of diet coke and i'm getting nervous.
7. you would think being locked inside would result in a clean house... not here.
8. you would think being locked inside would result in really productive studying... not here.
9. i like to lay by the fire and close my eyes and pretend like i'm laying in the sun.
10. i don't think spring will ever come.
11. i think i'll be in school until july with all of these snow days.
12. i'm thinking about going to the gym.
13. i'm thinking about reasons to not go to the gym.
14. i'm thinking about my brother who runs everyday.
15. i'm thinking my brother must be sad the nuggets beat the mavericks last night.
15. i'm thinking about this cute picture of my brother:




Mom said...

I am so glad that you put on socks...haha. Spring has got to come! I just LOVE to read your thoughts each day! You are amazing!

Lisa said...

Here's hoping spring does come sooner rather than later! And you should see your brothers cute Morp picture!