Thursday, February 11, 2010

study study.


this is my very own cozy nook. i'm trying to force myself to sit here and study today. the sitting here part is easy. the studying part is not. 
ryan's working from home today. and he has a longer attention span than i do. so i'm really trying to not drive him crazy (hence i'm sitting in my nook). when i do feel the need to talk to him, it usually goes something like this:

kelsie: (singing a song)
kelsie: ryan,
ryan: yes?
kelsie: do you think i could be on american idol?
ryan: yes, you could BE on american idol.
kelsie: thanks babe.
kelsie: (later thinking he probably meant on the first episode. where people think they're good. and they're really bad. but those are the best episodes anyways)


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Jayson said...


Now that is funny.